Showroom appointment page

AudioScape Canada invites you to audition our Award Winning Audio during the Grand Opening of our new showroom, now serving the GTA.

Right Here… Right Now… Right Price

We are available to you by convenient & flexible appointment times only so that you will receive one-on-one attention as you listen to the new PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium integrated amp, and the new Prologue Premium CD player with a built-in DAC.

No one else has the full line of Usher speakers, including the unbelievable BE 20’s.

Come in to see the brand new fully automatic Dual turntables (still made in the original factory in Germany’s Black Forest).

Try to find the on/off switch on any of our world famous Nottingham turntables.

Learn what a difference premium cabling, interconnects and AC solutions from JPS Labs can make for your system.

Listen to the hand-made, high output, high performance, award winning SoundSmith moving iron phono cartridges.

Nowhere else in the GTA can you see, hear and compare all these products at the same time.

Nowhere else in the GTA can you buy direct from the Distributor and save!

                   Call to make your exclusive one-on-one appointment now. 1-905-833-0010