DiaLogue One Integrated Amplifier

Integrated Amplifier 36 wpc ultralinear / 18 wpc triode EL34 output stage, HT Bypass, full-function remote, tape out

At last… An integrated amp that does it all… Satisfies the audiophile’s most stringent demands and keeps the home theater bunch happy as well. The new DiaLogue Series takes PrimaLuna to the next level and raises the bar for affordable high-end audio with astonishing performance.

Like all PrimaLuna amplifiers, it boasts:

Soft-start circuit Extends component and tube life by powering up the amp gently every time you turn it on.
Tube plate fuse Protects the amplifier output stage.
Adaptive AutoBias Exclusive to PrimaLuna, this circuit monitors and adjusts bias automatically. Improved performance and better sound, with distortion reduced by 40% to 50% over conventional designs. Plug in virtually any power tube. Adaptive AutoBias will automatically adjust itself! In addition to EL-34s, you can use 6550, KT88, KT90, 6L6GC, KT66, 7581, EL37, and any of their equivalents.

Premium parts . Fully vented chassis, chassis-mounted ceramic tube sockets, Alps potentiometer, Nichicon and Realcap capacitors. WBT style speaker terminals. Gold plated input jacks.
Hand made with the finest point to point wiring, with workmanship equal to or better than any product you can buy at any price , period.
Chassis made of finely finished heavy gauge steel, and five step automotive quality finish. Each coat hand rubbed and polished. Removable tube cage included no charge.
Toroidal power transformer for low hum, and a front end that is dead quiet.
Conservative design runs tubes easy for long life.
Next we take the DiaLogue One to new heights with:

Triode/Ultralinear switching. Allows you to switch how the power tubes operate on the fly.
True Home Theater pass thru. Unlike some integrated amps that use unity gain that can introduce unwanted noise and coloration, the DiaLogue One incorporates direct-line circuitry that completely bypasses the preamp section.
Heavy metal anodized aluminum remote control. Full function remote controls volume, source selection, and triode/ultralinear switching. To protect the finish of your wood furniture, the ends of the remote have rubber rings. Uncle Kevin insisted on this point after having several end tables ruined by heavy remotes scratching and dinging the finish.
Improved output transformers designed for wide-bandwidth and high efficiency. These heavy-duty transformers elicit incredible detail from top to bottom, lower the output impedance, and provide the amp with greater control over speakers with difficult loads.
For those of you who like to record through tubes, the DiaLogue One is outfitted with a tape output.


Output: 36 watts x 2 ultralinear, 18 x 2 triode
Freq. Response: 10Hz-30kHz +/- .5dB
THD: Less than 1% at full power
S/N Ratio: 89dB
Input Sensitivity: 270mV
Power Consumption : 250 watts
Dimensions: 15.2″ x 8.3 ” x 16 ” (WxHxD)
Weight: 63.8 lbs
Inputs: 5 pair RCA / 1 pair HT bypass
Outputs: 4 and 8 Ohm speaker taps /
1 pair RCA fixed tape output
Tube Compliment: 2 – 12AX7, 2 – 12AU7, 4 – EL34