Interspace Jr.

Hand-made, belt driven, motor-in-plinth design; 9″ Ace Interspace carbon fibre, unipivot arm included. Shares the same classic, heavy alloy platter of the “Space Deck”, same bearing as the classic “Space Ship” and the classic ultra-low noise, ultra-low torque synchronous motor.

9″ Ace Interspace carbon fibre tonearm
18x14x5 / 40 lbs


Ace Spacedeck

Latest edition of world-famous hand-made Space Deck; Leaded bronze arm base and motor pod; Ultra-low noise, ultra-low torque synchronous motor; Oil pumping platter bearing; Optional graphite Heavy Kit upgrade available.

Tonearm not included
18x14x8 /68 lbs


Space 294

Award winning hand-made turntable, 12″ arm compatible; 14″ alloy platter, oil pumping platter bearing; Leaded bronze arm base and motor pod; PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2007 The Absolute Sound; Optional graphite Heavy Kit upgrade available

Tonearm not included
22x16x9 / 81 lbs



Hand-made, belt driven, 28 lb. alloy platter; Oil pumping platter bearing; Graphite record mat; Oversize arm base and motor pod; Low torque, low noise synchronous motor.

Tonearm not included
19x15x10 / 88 lbs



Hand-made, belt driven, 50 lb. gravity-spun Iron platter; Heavy Duty oil pumping platter bearing; Wave mechanic power supply included; Graphite record mat; Low torque, low noise synchronous motor; optional second arm mount.

Tonearm not included
19x16x8 / Platter plus graphite matt: 50 lbs – Overall weight: 99 lbs


Anna Log

Handcrafted from “logs” of oak or sapele, the Anna Log is both a joy to listen to and a feast for the eyes as well. This 44 kg. belt driven turntable offers heavy / damped platter, oil pumping platter bearing, low noise, low torque synchronous motor; Recommended arm is the 10″ or 12″ Ace Anna tonearm.

Tonearm not included
23x16x10 / 110 lbs



Nottingham’s “Statement” turntable…the product brief was to make the best turntable possible, period. Massive 63 lb. stepped and tapered platter; Oil pumping, grooved inner sleeve platter bearing; Variable isolation suspension; Dedicated wave mechanic power supply with variable speed and drive symmetry control. Graphite record mat, ultra low-noise, ultra-low torque synchronous motor; Optional second arm mount.

Tonearm not included
20x17x10 / Platter plus graphite matt: 63 lbs –
overall weight 143 lbs

Price on Request