Nottingham Analogue Studio

Nottingham Analogue Studio was founded in Great Britain over four decades ago and produces some of the finest turntables in the world. The primary purpose of better analogue LP playback is to savour every last bit of music buried in these timeless grooves, and Nottingham’s design philosophy does just that.

Their basic design idea, now incorporated into seven models, and adopted by most other turntable manufacturer is to liberate the platter, arm and motor from the resonance-laden, box-like base which housed most turntables in the past.

This elimination of resonance and the control of unwanted vibrations and motor interaction, has produced some of the world’s great LP playback systems… the Nottingham line ranges from $2500 to $41,000. Reviewers agree on the unique position Nottingham holds in the audio world and we are very pleased to announce, that the Nottingham Space 294 turntable has won The Absolute Sound’s Editor’s Choice Award 2010 for Turntables four years in a row, and was awarded the Product of the Year in 2007.