Speaker Cables

ULTRA Conductor 2 Speaker Cable

These more affordable JPS designs bring out high-end performance from any quality loudspeakers. Introduce yourself to a whole new level of musical reproduction and the reality that good cables make a good system great! Very flexible new Alumiloy conductors and design offers a level of clarity and harmonic richness any system deserves yet rarely has with excellent bass response. Hardened gold plated bananas or 8 mm gold spades, recommended default are our high quality bananas. As these cables are directional, please specify in and out ends when ordering. Optional larger rhodium spades. If you seek an improvement, these are a great start! (Gold 8 mm spades or bananas)

8′ / 2.4 M @ $459/pr
+ every 2′ add $65 pair

ULTRA Conductor 2 Dual Biwire

Double runs of above single cables in a twist for a true biwired design (combined to 2 terms at the amp to 4 out at the speaker). Gold plated hardened bananas or 8 mm gold spades. Please specidfy in and out ends when ordering, recommended default are the high quality bananas. (Gold 8 mm spades or bananas)

*Biwiring is a method of connecting a speaker to an amplifier to better isolate any interaction between the woofer(s) and midrange/tweeter(s), bringing the interaction to the amplifiers’ low output impedance where it may be significantly reduced. Effective biwiring requires an effective biwired cable design such as JPS, a powerful amplifier, and a ‘reactive’ speaker design.

8′ / 2.4 M @ $849/pr
+ every 2′ add $130 pair

Superconductor Q Speaker Cable

**single & biwire available

The new Q is our latest in the Superconductor series with newly designed Alumiloy conductors and refreshing improvements all around. Fully shielded quad Alumiloy design reduces system interaction with the environment for purity of sound very few ever hear. 8 mm rhodium spades or hardened gold bananas (preferred). Compact and flexible design! Specify biwire or single wired upon ordering. (8 mm rhodium spades or bananas)

8′ / 2.4 M @ $1169/pr
+ every 2′ add $130 pair

Superconductor & Single

Single meaning one big cable, this is one of our largest cable designs, and can properly mate an amp with any speaker load, even the most current hungry electrostatics. Our most universal design, the Single Superconductor+ excels in being non-reactive and allowing the amp to completely control the speaker. Rhodium 7.5 mm spade is default termination, WBT locking bananas optional ($). Use with a set of JPS jumpers for any demanding low impedance bi-wired speakers. Exceptional in long lengths where loss of dynamics are a concern. Large 9 AWG (6.6 mm2) Alumiloy conductor. (7.5 mm rhodium spade standard, WBT locking bananas optional)

8′ / 2.4 M @ $1499/pr
+ every 2′ add $130 pair

Superconductor 3

A JPS design taking details from our finest Aluminata Series. Offers great clarity and inner detail, highly accurate bass, and complete refinement throughout with abilities so far ahead of its time it must be heard to understand! Newly developed huge 5 AWG (16.8mm2) Alumiloy conductors allow any amplifier complete control of any loudspeaker. JPS interconnects and AC cables are highly recommended to fully appreciate these cables. Premium WBT Nextgen copper 6 or 8 mm spades, or WBT angled locking bananas. JPS Aluminata jumpers are recommended for use with biwired speaker terminals. (7.5 mm rhodium spade standard, WBT locking bananas optional)

Custom 32″ with 8 mm spades as jumpers for VR models speakers @ $3179/pr

8′ / 2.4 M @ $4419/pr
+ every 2′ add $390 pair

Superconductor V Single and BiWire

The Superconductor V  is our latest high performance speaker cable design with greater flexibility and very high resolution suitable for any fine audio playback system where the cable really need to simply get out of the way and let it play. Specify biwire or single, in and out terms. WBT optional.  WBT Copper Spade at $58.00 each, WBT Gold Banana at $58.00 each.

8′ / 2.4 M @ $2469/pr
+ every 2′ add $195 pair


JPS Jumpers

Use with single speaker cables to jumper out bi-wire speaker terminals. 8 mm rhodium spades or hardened gold bananas- WBT optional (7.5 mm rhodium spade standard, WBT locking bananas optional)

6/15 cm,  8 AWG/836 mm2 @ $325/ set of 4