Digital & Video Interconnects

Ultra Conductor 2 Digital

This 75 ohm UltraConductor cable is an excellent audio quality and resolution SPD/IF digital cable for DVD, CD, computer or music server digital outputs. High quality very reliable compression fit gold plate RCA or BNC connectors UL/CSA/CM/FT-4 rated.

1 M @ $129/ea
+ every 0.5 M add $26each


Ultra Conductor 2 Optical Digital

High resolution digital audio toslink optical cable. High quality JPS connectors perfectly align fiber.

1 M @ $129/ea

Super Conductor Q Digital

Digital audio to the power of Q! One of the finest digital cables available. New Alumiloy conductors and cable design with improved dynamics and clarity, Q Digital can handle any sampling rate with smooth ease while keeping the signal and components free from noise.

1 M @ $589/ea
each extra 0.5 M @ $65/ea

3 M @ $779/ea
4 M @ $899/ea

Superconductor Q AES/EBU Balanced Digital

Digital audio optimized cable with fully balanced topology. One of the finest shields in the industry, yet very flexible, this cable will transfer a digital signal with minimal jitter and loss with amazing soundstage, detail and bass impact.

1 M @ $519/ea
+ every .5 M add $65 each

Superconductor 3 AES/EBU Balanced Digital

The finest in balanced digital! Fully balanced digital optimized topology using quad Alumiloy conductors for greater flexibility, minimum jitter and digital errors, and magnetic field rejection. Gold 24 kt plate JPS XLR’s. Completely makes any digital audio interface with excellent clarity and resolution, and amazing bass definition. (RCA or BNC)

1 M @ $1,039.00/ea

+ every .5 M add $260.00