Reference Speaker Cable

These cables provide the absolute finest path from amplifier to loudspeaker. Consistently even, extended true to life bass definition and impact, smooth detailed midrange and highs, all within a perfectly black background for complete clarity of sound. Individual instruments have all dimensional cues and clear separation from each other. No hint of any portion of the frequency spectrum being out of balance or phase from another; coherent sound from the highest highs down to the lowest lows. Simply the Best! JPS Labs Superconductor 3 or Aluminata interconnects are a must have mate, Aluminata AC cables highly recommended to complete the path. (WBT Nexgen silver 6, 8 mm spades or WBT Nexgen locking bananas)

8′ / 2.4 m @ $ 11,699/pr
+ every 2′ add $1,560 pair