Aluminata Series

JPS Labs’ Aluminata Series of cables all include our proprietary Particle Aluminum Shield (PAS), the only shield in the world that combines the non-reactive properties of our aluminum alloys and our long-term engineering experience in high frequency absorption and noise containment. JPS Labs PAS technology provides for a total lack of any form of noise in signal and sound, wide-band noise absorption and containment of the highest magnitude of both external and internal component generated sources, eliminates component interaction and high frequency ground loops never before realized. Combined with our Alumiloy conductors, PAS allows for complete dynamic clarity without harshness or brightness with universal performance in any listening environment, in any quality system, anywhere in the world. As with every JPS Labs product, the Aluminata Series are forward thinking designs years ahead of others; their virtues, your investment and enjoyment will be maximized for many years to come.