AC Power Cables & Accessories

GPA2 AC Cord

Noticeably improves any component! 24 kt heavy gold plate US hospital grade plug. Great introduction to a good aftermarket AC cord, or for higher performance on a budget.

2 M | 12 AWG @ $259/ea

GPA 2 AC Outlet Center

Made with the cord above attached to a quality quad outlet center. Great way to make 4 outlets from one, or extend a good outlet closer to components. Hospital grade.

2 M | 4x US Outlets @ $329/ea

Digital AC-X Cord

World’s first and only AC cable designed specifically for anything digital is now even better. Updated for 2010 and beyond, AC-X offers higher bandwidth noise containment. Going on 15 years, this is undoubtedly the most popular aftermarket AC cable ever!!! Highly filtered. Stereophile recommended!

2 M @ $519/ea

Analog AC Cord

Great for low power analog components such as solid state preamps, phono stage, motor control, high voltage supplies. Highly filtered!

2 M @ $519/ea

Power AC+ Cord

Specifically designed for any size amplifier, power delivery (conditioners, balanced power), or tube preamps. Huge 8 AWG (8.36 mm2) conductor will handle any power demands! Power AC+ is a long-term favorite and an all around Excellent AC cord upgrade.

2 M @ $779/ea


PAC Lite (Power AC Lite)

The new PAC Lite brings the high quality performance results of our more expensive AC cords within reach for those who wish to step up to a higher level.  A large 10 AWG cable with quality Wattgate connectors offer amplifiers and larger receivers more breathing room, preamps and players a quieter path, subwoofers better able to keep step with the smaller, faster front channel speakers, AC line conditioners a greater ability to raise the performance of an entire system, and more!  The PAC Lite will increase available resolution, speed and low level detail retrieval of any component it is connected to.

CDN MSRP: $499/ea  every extra 0.5 metre $52

Power AC+ Outlet Center

Made with our PAC+ cord above. Excellent for extending from a wall outlet to rack or amps, or for making 4 high quality outlets from one. Highly recommended for use with our AC cords if wall outlets are not available.

2 M @ $899/ea

Power AC In-Wall Cable

The first high-end power cable for home or professi0nal dedicated AC wiring- 0.6″/16mm , 600volt / 30 amp

each foot @ $31/ea


A long-term reference. Compact flexible cable design. Greatly increases resolution and clarity throughout the frequency spectrum on any component. Large 8 AWG (8.36 mm2) great for any power demands (amp or conditioner), yet excellent on any low power components. Unique kapton insulator allows mids and highs excellent clarity, fast bass definition like no other AC cord!

2 M @ $2199/ea


Three heavy duty outlets connected with solid copper buss bars and our EOL network from the Aluminata AC cord for extended fast bass. A must have for use with the Kaptovator or Aluminata AC cords if you need additional outlets with no filtering.

2 M @ $2859/ea

JPS Duplex Outlet

Hospital grade, ground isolated- US style only. Bright nickel plated contacts improve conductivity and eliminate oxidation. Heavy tight fitting contacts reduce resistance. Available in white, gray or red

up to a 10 AWG cable @ $78/ea

Super Blue

Professional grade In-wall Speaker Cable OFM design rejects noise and maximises sound quality in long lengths. Available in 2 or 4 conductor versions. 14 AWG (2 or 4 conductor), UL/CSA/CL3/PLTC/FT4 300 volt, 2 cond. 32″ / 8.1 mm OD, 4 cond. .42″ / 10.7 mm OD 500ft / 152 M full spool length

3′ 2 cond @ $6.50/ft
5′ 4 cond @ $9.10/ft

Super Blue 2

Finest In-wall speaker cable! Audiophile grade, smooth detailed sound and maximum bass definition and extension. 12AWG x 2, UL/CSA/CL3/PLTC/FT4 300 volt, .45″ / 11.4 mm round OD, 500ft / 152 M full spool length

6′ 2 cond @ $10.40/ft

Super Blue Digital Coaxial

Low loss digital coaxial cable to connect digital audio sources via SPD/IF. Low loss tru 75 ohm UL/CM/CuL accepts RG-59 style connectors. Sold bulk only – no terminations

Super Blue speaker cables offer very high quality results with in-wall or standard loudspeakers, providing excellent balance, noise rejection and very good detail without brightness, even in long lengths

2′ @ $2.60/ft