Another Happy Customer… with PrimaLuna

sp-primaluna3silverHi Jim,

Well, what can I say that you don’t already know. The synergy between the pre and power amps is crazy good in my ears. The PrimaLuna Prologue 3 preamp drives the amps ( PrimaLuna Prologue 7 monoblocks) in a completely different way from the Arcam C31 pre amp giving the B&W speakers a very smooth midrange with a solid full bottom end. Imaging is like the speakers aren’t even in the room. Even the Totem Arro’s are good. With some music, they sound almost as big as the B&W’s also with stupid good imaging. Oh, can’t forget about the vinyl . Another treat to listen to! Overall, I am very satisfied.

Thanks again for the time and the great deal!

B.R. Toronto