What a Great Rack!


By Rich “Speakerboy” Brown

You might wonder from last week’s missive, what the inspiration was for the equipment choice for Corkey’s system. In the 1970’s Pioneer offered several different “Rack-Mounted” sets of gear to its dealers.

At this point in time the manufacturer was ahead of the curve and competing with Marantz in specific to deliver exceptional audio gear. Marantz had already introduced the Model 500 and 250 Power Amps and the Model 3300 Preamp.

Pioneer wanted to up the ante so to speak and offered a Rack Mounted System to its dealers. It was huge and gorgeous! It sported a Spec 1 Pre Amp, A Spec 2 Power Amp, a TXD 1000 Tuner, A CTF 1900 Cassette Deck (three-head no less), an RT 909 10 ½” Reel to Reel (auto reverse, of course) , an RT 707 7 ½” reel deck (auto reverse as well), and an SG 9800 10 band EQ.

In addition to these wonderful toys there were other options that included an RG 3 reverb unit and an SG 2 Dynamic Range expander!

Back in those days, there were numerous Special deals offered by various manufacturers. Not the least of which was Teac. Their display of course focused on Reel to Reel Recorders. Their offering included an A3340S, four-channel deck with “Simul-Sync” (which enabled the operator to monitor previously laid down tracks with those being recorded to be certain all was correct in the time domain.)

There was an A330S0 Deck opposite the four channel unit. The two were upright and stood flanking a Teac 6-channel mixer which was configured for mix down from one deck to the other. It was pretty cool.

There was also space in the center for a three head Teac Cassette. On either side of this below the Reel to Reel Decks were two shelves on which we had set up two Technics SL 1000 Direct Drive turntables outfitted with Stanton 680 EEE cartridges. It was a sight to behold. Vintage gear at its best!

Across the Room was the aforementioned Marantz set up complete with an O-Scope equipped tuner for precision and a switcher which ran a sound wall of mostly JBL Classics, including Lancer 100’s, 200’s and 300’s and Pioneer’s offering featuring “High Polymer” Tweeters with dual carbon fiber 10” HPM100, and several sets of the newly released Technics ‘time-aligned floor standers and rack mount amplifiers.

It is a sad thing that quality sound and visual “WOW” doesn’t’ mean much in today’s Audio world. Those times in which I grew to love the hobby were (and still are) special in my experience. In the days in which one does not even get to turn a paper page, I sadly reflect on what were for me more fulfilling times.

Speakerboy Out!