To My Old Friends…

I`ve been collecting the thoughts, musings and musical opinions from Rich “Speakerboy” Brown, audio industry veteran, music lover and audiophile. We can now enjoy Rich’s varied and gentle outlook on music, audio equipment, sales life on the road, and of course his ever-so-accurate opinions on recordings that makes you want to have them in your collection yesterday!  We`ll be posting them on a regular basis. Over to you Rich…

By: Rich Brown

Subject: “One Night Only”

This is a reprise of sorts. I wrote this up over 12 years ago. I am compelled to revisit this remarkable concert as yet another of the founding brothers Gibb has succumbed to an intestinal failure. Robin Gibb passed away this week. Maurice passed a few years back and as you know, Andy took his own life. Barry Gibb will be the sole survivor

Their legacy is a great one with a career that spanned nearly four decades. In the early days of my life with Klipsch, I frequently stayed at LA Quinta Inns, and ate Subway for dinner. On this particular night I was holed up in a La Quinta in Tulsa Oklahoma with a carton of milk, some 25 oz. cans of Foster’s Lager and a Subway Cold Cut Combo.

In those times, (pre HD) I found myself viewing a 26” GE direct view set and no special sonics. A 2” TV speaker was the audio system. Surfing the channels I happened upon a special entitled “One Night Only.” (And sadly it turned out to be just that…a swan song for a legendary group…The Bee Gees).

I was riveted. Album covers from Odessa, to Grease, to Main Course flash across the back drop of monitors. “You Should be Dancing” opened the show. Strumming a turquoise acoustic guitar, Barry announced they were going to take us forward from the beginning and stated matter of fact-ly, “Now we’re going to shoot back thirty years and bring you up to date slowly but surely. It starts here.”

And then it ramps up. All sustained and driven by his magnificent falsetto. And Robin begins, “…I’m going back to Massachusetts. Something’s telling me I must go home. And the light’s always on in Massachusetts.”

Maurice stands at his minimalist keyboard in a black leather duster and fedora strumming an onyx black acoustic. And then that succulent, immediately identifiable harmony hits and I can’t hold the emotion in place. Yes I rocketed back thirty years.

Over the ensuing forty years they partnered with Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, and Kenny Rogers. This DVD features over thirty hits and will remind anyone who watches/listens that realize it or not they are Bee Gees fans!

The disc covers the big hits, “It’s only words, and words are all I have…” to all the hits from Saturday Night Fever. To the tribute to Andy, “Don’t throw it all away our love, our love. Don’t throw it all away.” And I would be remiss if I neglected to include this big hit from Main Course (which is the first Bee Gees album I purchased), “Jive Talkin’”

This is a must have from any perspective. Musical. Historical. Performance. Video or Audio Quality. Remind yourself you are fans and mourn Robin’s passing.

Speakerboy Out!