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Each year, The Absolute Sound announces the winners of their “EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS”….these are products that the editors themselves would purchase or recommend to their friends for purchase.  This year, the current issue of The Absolute Sound, (March 2012), announced the award winners.  We’re very proud of all of the special brands we distribute and pleased to share with you the SEVENTEEN 2012 award winners that are part of the AudioScape Canada family.

The Absolute Sound magazine has been an industry must-read for years…and it’s evolved nicely over the decades. I recall reading my first copy, back in 1977… a gift from a friend who thought I might enjoy reading it. It was a small issue then, only digest sized and all in black & white, but what content!  At that time T.A.S. was a struggling 4 year old specialty magazine, and I was a young audio salesman, age 23, eager to learn all I could in audio… I devoured every word in that issue and the ones that followed!  I was reading articles that I barely understood, words & terms I could barely pronounce, brand names of products that I’d never heard of, graphs of stuff that reminded me of math classes…but what an education!

I’ve read many articles since of course…..and we’ve seen many audio publications come and go over the years. I miss them: Stereo Review, High Fidelity, Audio, they had some great writing, wonderful audio cartoons, special issues (anyone remember the Lirpa products from April issues of Audio?)  But fortunately, The Absolute Sound has survived and is thriving.

I’m thrilled to tell you that PrimaLuna, once again, has won more TAS Editors’ Choice Awards, than any other brand!  A total of 9 awards:

2012 TAS Editors’ Choice Award winners:

PrimaLuna, Vacuum Tube Amplification:

MYSTERE, Vacuum Tube Amplification:



  • Soundsmith Paua Phono Cartridge
  • Soundsmith Sussuro Phono Cartridge
  • Soundsmith Strain Gauge Phono Cartridge System


Congratulations to PrimaLuna, Mystere, Nottingham, Soundsmith & Usher…..17 EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARDS from The Absolute Sound magazine…… we’re very proud!

Until next time, enjoy your music,