The second annual TAVES Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show will begin next week and we’re excited about it!  Please come and see us at Room #831 to enjoy some Award Winning Audio!

We will be featuring five display areas full of exciting audio gear:

1)      The Absolute Sound’s Editor’s Choice Awards System…….earlier this year, The Absolute Sound magazine announced the winners of their annual “Editor’s Choice Awards”….the products that the editor’s themselves would bring home for their enjoyment….this is quite the award and honour!  This year, we are so proud of our SEVENTEEN award winners that we have put together a complete high end system composed of many of our winners, wait ‘til you hear this system!

  • PrimaLuna DiaLogue Three tube preamp
  • PrimaLuna DiaLogue Seven tube mono-block power amplifiers
  • Nottingham Space 294 turntable with 12” arm and Soundsmith phono cartridge
  • PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight tube CD player
  • Usher CP-8571 Mark II Dancer Loudspeakers
  • Fully wired with JPS interconnects and speaker cable

2)      Listen to the fine array of USHER loudspeakers driven by the newest PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier…..the Mini Dancer One, Mini Dancer Two, BE -718 monitor and the first showing in Canada of the new MINI-X bookshelf monitor, be among the first in North America to hear this speaker!

3)      Meet Joe from JPS LABS and have all your questions answered about speaker cables, interconnects and power cords….the best sounding, best value line in the market!

4)      Check out our display of DUAL fully automatic turntables, dust off your vinyl and enjoy LP’s again!

5)      Visit our clearance area, special sale prices direct to the public on some very special, select products, don’t miss this, BIG savings!

Phil, Brian and myself are looking forward to meeting you, and don’t forget to get your free Usher demo cd at our display (while supplies last).

Thank you and enjoy the show!