Hello Audiophiles!

Welcome to AudioScape Canada!

We are very proud of the unique audio brands that we distribute and hope you share in the quest for great musical reproduction in your home! Each of the brands we have has their own unique story and position in the marketplace, and we hope you take some time and enjoy browsing through the various sections of our website.

Music and audio reproduction is an enormous passion of ours and each of the products we distribute plays an important role towards this goal! Each brand must meet our rigorous standards and be truly special. As Victor Kiam said about a Remington electric shaver…..,” I liked it so much, I bought the company”…….well, in my case, I’m so taken with the brands that i’ve chosen to distribute these special treasures myself!

A tiny bit about me……this is my 37th year in the audio industry and enjoy every minute of it! Music is such an important part of life……. I’m proud that I have played in a semi-professional orchestra for many years and I enjoy dabbling on the bass guitar and drums. There’s no audio equipment I’ve yet heard that replicates the experience of playing on stage with 79 other musicians, but we can try! I try to listen to live and recorded music as often as possible and enjoy re-introducing vinyl to everyone I can! I love seeing the looks on their faces of astonishment when they hear an LP again!

If you have any questions, please let us know, we’re glad to help!

Until next time, Sound Counts!